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Krkonose - Unique from a distance, Friendly when you're there.
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The Krkonose Mountains are the top Czech mountains in many aspects: They are the highest, most visited, have the only alpine range and their flora and fauna are unbelievably diverse. Steep glacial corries and large mountain meadows, rocky ridges and picturesque valleys with timbered houses – all of this can be seen here. The roar of waterfalls and the mysterious silence of the fens and mountain pools will enchant you. And, finally, Snezka, the queen mountain, surveying its domain with dignity.

  • The Krkonose Mountains are our highest mountain range. Their harsh beauty and diverse landscape will amaze every visitor.
  • The nature in the Krkonose is unique. The mountains were declared a national park in 1963 and a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1992.
  • The Krkonose Mountains are not only attractive due to their unique nature. Their picturesque character is accompanied by a peculiar rural architecture found even in the smallest villages in the submontane areas and scattered houses on the ridges.
  • The Krkonose are the most popular winter holiday destination in the Czech Republic. Winter sports lovers can look forward to many groomed slopes of various grades, a dense network of cross-country tracks and newly-built entertainment parks in the mountain resorts.
  • The Krkonose can also be seen as a paradise of waterfalls. It is the area with the greatest number of waterfalls in the country, many of which are especially tall or large. Besides the tallest ones, we will also find the most beautiful.