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Books and Publications about the Krkonose


Books by Marie Kubatova

‘Books share our human fate with us, they go along our lives, are a witness about us, grow old with us and also die’, says the writer Marie Kubatova in the last of 17 stories in her book of memoirs. For the Slafka publishers this was a reminder of her 85th birthday in August 2007. In her enchanting stories from the Krkonose she remembers the writers Frantisek Nepil and Frantisek Kozik, and the painter Adolf Branald, who was especially keen to read her short pieces, ‘beaded on the fine thread of her imagination and so easily making her readers touched by them’, as he put it. She continues collecting stories even today. ‘Praguers need a fork and knife to peel baked potatoes, the mountain folks do it with their fingers and a jack knife. They don’t burn, and keep the herds’ fingers warm’, says Marie Kubatova in a distinctive local dialect.

Krkonose Fables

“When the Krkonose’s Muses Speak”
A lovely collection of tales, fables and catching narratives by many authors brought together by Frantisek Janalik, who also enriched it with his memoirs, several stories and biographies of the authors. In the preface he writes: ‘This book, certainly, was made because the Krkonose’s Muses are not silent, and they did not talk just to Krakonos, the Master of the mountains, but also to the authors of this collection.’ This is how he introduces this sometimes entertaining book.

Krkonose Cookery Book

The author Jiri Marhold has gathered together more than 1000 recipes, proven by local housewives in parish houses as well as the poorest chalets. Some of the dishes are indeed worth trying. The cuisine ranks from main meals to sweet courses or dried fruits, and includes some local medicines, such as wine with butterbur or elder syrup. The local delicacy, sour goat milk, was ordered as early as in 1502 for the wedding of King Vladislav in Prague. The Krkonose Cookery Book offers many dishes with the flavour of the mountain air, forest, mushrooms and enough kindness and hospitality. It began to be published in the 1980’s in the “Krkonose” magazine and in 1991 it was issued for the first time as a book by IKAR Publishers.

Changes in the Krkonose Landscape in the last Century

The Krkonose’s landscape is changing. Contemporary photographs provide valuable information on the former appearance of the mountains. The author, Dr. Pavel Klimes, thought of comparing contemporary and current photographs since the 1980’s. Most of the photographs in the book are from his private collection. “I wrote the book in three months, but had been preparing it for 30 years. I looked through nearly all of my 35 thousand historic photographs. Ctibor Kostal, a photographer from Trutnov, obtained 180 of them from me and travelled with them over a major part of the Krkonose. We eventually selected 132 pairs of photographs which allow us to compare the past and the present, and are the best images of the main landscape features and their development.” The book, which has more than 300 pages in a 280x240 mm format, has been available since 1 September 2007 in information centres and bookstores. It was published by Vesely vylet for the KRNAP national park administration and will certainly please anyone who likes the Krkonose.