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Krkonoše – Original Product


KRKONOSE – Genuine Product

Products designated with the special Krkonose logo – Genuine Product can be bought in the Krkonose region. This mark means that the product has undergone a strict certification process which guarantees that the product does originate in the Krkonose.

Local origin, however, is not the only condition for awarding the mark. These products must contribute to the reputation of the region, and therefore have to be environmentally friendly, unique as regards their relation to the Krkonose – produced with a traditional technology, hand-made or from local materials, and exceptional for their high quality. A certification committee has assessed each product for compliance with the criteria..

The mark is awarded by the association Local Action Group Krkonose (Mistni akcni skupina Krkonose) to craft products, farm products and natural products. The designation of local products is one of the options of how to combine nature protection and human activity. The mark can benefit from the uniqueness of the Krkonose as a region with preserved nature and as a part of the Natura 2000 system. The aim of marking local products is to promote the region and assist local producers. The mark will be helpful for customers, whether they be tourists who want to buy a truly genuine local souvenir, or locals who want to support their regional producers. The marking will also help prevent misuse of trade names and symbols related to the Krkonose.

Contact person: Eva Říhová
Local Action Group Krkonose
Dobrovského 3
543 01 Vrchlabí
Mob.: +420 732 494 146

Krkonose-style Mead

1) Krkonose-style Mead

Producer: APICOR

Krkonose Mead is an 18% alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting honey. The basic raw materials are Czech honey, water and herb tinctures. The mead is bottled and labelled with a picture of Krakonos, the master of the mountains. Gift bottles are decorated with beeswax.

Archival, Office and School Equipment from Recycled Cardboard

2) Archival, Office and School Equipment from Recycled Cardboard

Producer: EMBA, spol. s r. o.

EMBA spol. s r.o. is a traditional Czech manufacturer of binders, archival systems for short-term and long-term archiving and office equipment for schools and offices, all made from plain cardboard. It is the largest and most important supplier of products from recycled materials, following the environmental trends of recent years, which has a major effect on improving the environment.

Roubenka – Timbered Buildings

3) Roubenka – Timbered Buildings


An ideal place to see timbered houses, so typical of the Czech mountain and submontane regions, is in a remote location near a forest. Timbered houses are still being built. Everyone likes to pause to take a look at them if they bear the mark of times long gone, featuring the craft skills, lifestyle and, most importantly, a thorough understanding of nature and natural elegance, even if built today.


4) Puppets

Producer: Alena Gašparová

These puppets are marionettes with upper wire control, approx. 30 cm in height, produced from cast plaster, hand-painted, with clothing and other decorations.

Jewellery Made of Copper and Precious Metals

5) Jewellery Made of Copper and Precious Metals

Producer: Daniela Roudná

The original pieces of jewellery from Daniela Roudna’s studio have become popular and sought-after products especially at traditional Krkonose and Podkrkonosi fairs. They are based on the filigree spiral technique combined with semi-precious stones or wooden beads. The design supports the elegance and beauty of the proprietors.

Christmas Bead Decorations

6) Christmas Bead Decorations

Producer: Rautis, a.s.

This manufacture of Christmas bead decorations in Ponikla has been active here for more than a century. The beads were originally used for jewellery, but when Christmas trees appeared in the country at the end of the 19th century, glassmakers began to put beads on wire and make miniatures of what was around them. Thus bead baskets, fans, kettles, aeroplanes, locomotives, prams and spiders appeared, as did stars. The whole production process, i.e. bead blowing in a mould, silver coating, colouring, cutting and assembly, is still all done by hand. Over the course of time, the village of Ponikla in the Krkonose Mountains has become the centre for the manufacture of bead decorations. The company Rautis and its manufacture of these decorations has followed up on this more than century-old tradition. You are welcome to see the production process at the last company that has managed to maintain this tradition. You can try to make your own decorations in their creative workshop.

Dairy Products

7) Dairy Products

Producer: Alois Mejsnar

The Mejsnar family farm is located in a quiet environment in the foothills of the Krkonose Mountains, in Kuncice nad Labem. They re-established their family's farming tradition in 1991 and just like their forefathers, they graze cattle in the submontane pastures. They do not sell milk from their cows to mass producers, but process it in their own dairy. Given the type of process, they offer genuine dairy products from a farm. They offer pasteurised milk, kefir, fresh cream cheese with four different flavours, and curd.

Needle Lace, Bobbin Lace and Crochet

8) Needle Lace, Bobbin Lace and Crochet

Producer: Lenka Máslová Špetlová

Bobbin lacing is a very old and attractive technique. Not only classic motifs are available, such as pictures (heads, madonnas, nativity scenes, flowers, architecture, Easter motifs, etc.) and mats, but also modern lacework like jewellery (necklaces, brooches combined with precious stones), home accessories (modern paintings, including 3-D), scarves and collars.

Wool and Woollen Products from Mala Upa

9) Wool and Woollen Products from Mala Upa

Producer: Hana Wondráčková

The sheep whose wool Ms. Wondrackova uses for these products graze in Mala Upa’s meadows. The wool is processed manually and all subsequent processing is also entirely done by hand. The products are knitted, crocheted, woven or strung. Ms. Wondrackova makes not only various fashion accessories, such as socks, gloves, scarves, caps and vests, but also decorations, such as mats and pictures with herbs.

10) Wire Decorations

Producer: Ladislav Šlechta

Some 250 products by Mr. Slechta bear the ‘KRKONOSE – Genuine Product’ mark, They are mostly figurative wire decorations, such as figures of various professions, sportsmen, music ensembles, nativity scenes or animals. His other products include jewellery and wire-bound cooking pots, vases and bottles.

Sewn Toys

11) Sewn Toys

Producer: Rozálie Mládková Sosnová

These toys are sewn from natural materials – linen or cotton wool, and are filled with high-quality PES fibres. They can be washed and are also suitable for those suffering from allergies, asthma or skin issues. Most of the toys have movable limbs thanks to buttons sewn using a strong nylon thread which cannot be torn off, making them absolutely safe for children. The available designs are mostly of Czech animals, such as horses, billy goats, deer, donkeys, frogs, earthworms, mice, cats and cows, and also bears, dragons, etc. The colour design varies and can be arranged according to customer request.

VOLKAFE Roasted Coffee

12) VOLKAFE Roasted Coffee

Producer: Pavel Volk

Raw green coffee beans are processed directly by the producer. They are roasted and ground and are always fresh. The various types of roasted coffee offered are stored by country of origin, and each mix can be packed in various sachets, consumed in the coffee shop as espresso, late, cappuccino, etc., or taken away in a cup.


13) Honey

Producer: Soňa Anna-Marie Fišerová

Honey is a mixture of sugars, vitamins, proteins, dextrins and small quantities of other substances. Sugars are the most voluminous component, especially grape sugar, fruit sugar and beet sugar. In the course of the year, various honey types are available, such as flower honey, mixed honey, forest honey and crystallised honey.

Krkonose Furniture

14) Krkonose Furniture

Producer: TOJIBA, s.r.o.

Copies of 19th century Krkonose furniture.


15) Pottery

Producer: Michaela Dumková

Pottery from the shop and studio of Ms. Dumkova in Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

Handbags, Shopping Bags, Pouches and Fashion Accessories

16) Handbags, Shopping Bags, Pouches and Fashion Accessories

Producer: Jana Albrechtová


Sewn Decorations

17) Sewn Decorations

Producer: Richard Štefan

Pincushions, aromatic mats, pillowcases, textile brooches, animals, decorative wreaths and many other products to make your apartment more attractive or just to simply please yourself or others. All products are made with love and each piece is unique. Both new and recycled materials are used. The animals are partially machine-knit, but hand knitting and decoration prevails. Pincushions and brooches are fully hand-made.

PODKRKONOSI – Regional Product

This mark has been used in the Podkrkonosi region since July 2008. The mark means that the product has undergone a strict registration process which guarantees its origin in Podkrkonosi. Local origin, however, is not the only condition for awarding the mark. These products must contribute to the reputation of the region, and therefore have to be environmentally friendly, unique as regards their relation to Podkrkonosi – produced with a traditional technology, hand-made or from local materials, and exceptional for their high quality.

Contact person: Petra Václavíková
Local Action Group Podchlumi
Holovousy 39
508 01 Hořice
Mob.: +420 739 065 255