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The idea of promoting the Krkonose tourist region isn't new. One of the major steps was the establishment of the Krkonose Union of Towns and Boroughs in 2000, which undertook to carry out this complicated task and launch cooperation between municipalities, tourist businesses, the National Park Administration and others. Many problems in the development activities and their financing stem from the fact that the Krkonose Mountains lie in two different regions, i.e. Hradec Kralove and Liberec, each with its own government.

The Krkonose Tourism Fund was established for the purpose of coordinating activities in the sustainable development of the tourism region. The key idea was to prepare a functional system of joint promotion, projects covering the whole Krkonose, presentations at domestic and foreign fairs and the related financing.

The Krkonose Tourism Fund was established on 25 June 2002 by the general meeting of the Krkonose Union. Towns, villages and businesses make contributions to the Fund every year. The Fund is beneficial to all the participants, as it combines financial resources, saves finances of the contributors in joint activities and improves the effectiveness of promoting the Krkonose as one entity.

Every contributor to the Fund helps in the realisation of tourism promotion projects, such as Krkonose Cyclobuses, Krkonose - Cross Country Skier's Paradise, Krkonose As Seen from a Bike, and others. It supports the publication of regional promotional materials, such as the Krkonose Season tourist newspaper, Krkonose from Spring to Autumn, Long Descents, etc. It also participates in presenting the region at domestic and foreign tourist fairs and exhibitions.

The Fund most often provides co-financing of grants and subsidies which prevail in the aforementioned activities. The Krkonose Union of Towns and Boroughs is able to gain 3-9 CZK for each 1 CZK contributed by member parties and businesses.

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