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Krkonoše – Union of Towns and Boroughs

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The Krkonose Union of Towns and Boroughs has since 2000, when it was established, comprised 41 member towns and boroughs in the tourist region, covering an area of more than 80 thousand hectares and a population of over 60 thousand. It lies in the Hradec Kralove and Liberec regions, stretching from Korenov in the west to Zacler in the east. It is visited by several million tourists from the Czech Republic and abroad every year.
The Krkonose Union, in line with its articles of association and the Tourism Development Programme, intends to universally support the prerequisites for the Krkonose's residents to lead a full life. Special attention is being paid to the development of tourism as one of the pillars of local economic stability, which has an extraordinary perspective. The Union will focus mainly on related issues affecting the entire Krkonose region. The work team consists of governing representatives of the member towns and boroughs and internal as well as external staff. They together manage, create, coordinate and care for Krkonose projects, joint promotions and tourism development in this tourist region.
The Krkonose Union is able to provide large amounts from grants and subsidies, making the ratio between member contributions and the resources obtained between 1:3 and 1:9. Member contributions make up approx. 25% of the total budget of the association. Important resources are received from the Hradec Kralove Region and Liberec Region, the CEZ Foundation, UNIQA insurance and Sitour. Cooperation with the Krkonose National Park Administration and Mountain Rescue is important, especially with the projects entitled "Krkonose As Seen from a Bike" and "Krkonose - Cross Country Skier's Paradise". The large scale of the Union's activities has enjoyed great support from CzechTourism, a state agency. Support is also provided from local businesses, including ski resorts, accommodation facilities and other providers of tourist services all over the Krkonose Mountains. Assistance is available from nearby tourist regions, namely Cesky raj, the Jizerske Mountains and Kladske pomezi. The association has collaborated very closely with the Podkrkonosi (Podzvicinsko) region. Its foreign partner is the neighbouring Polish association, called Zwiazek Gmin Karkonoskich.
The key task for the Krkonose Union is to carry out projects aiming to support tourism in the tourist region and to provide financing for them.

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