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Walking in the Krkonose with Snowshoes


The principle of walking with snowshoes takes after observations of nature. Having seen the slim lynx easily walk on snow with its wide paws, people tried to make the same paws for themselves. Snowshoes have prongs below the tip and foot which pierce the snow and prevent slipping. Walking in them isn’t difficult once you become accustomed to taking wider and longer steps; then you will be faster than ordinary hikers.

Just rent them in the mountains and try taking a walk across the snow-covered countryside. Just be considerate to cross-country skiers and do not damage groomed cross-country tracks with your snowshoes. You can rent snowshoes from ski rentals.

Hikes with Snowshoes

Harrachov (686 m a.s.l.) – Labska Chalet (1340 m a.s.l.) – Horni Misecky (1000 m a.s.l.), 19 km

The route starts in Harrachov, where you walk along the Main Krkonosska Skiing Trail toward Mumlavska chalet. Near the chalet you can stop by at the 8 m high Mumlavsky waterfall, which makes its surroundings a small ice kingdom in winters. From there, you take the red-marked cross-country track to the mountains. After a mild 5 km ascent along the Mumlavsky brook, you will reach the Krakonosova snidane junction, where a steeper ascent to Vosecka chalet begins. At the chalet, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the snow-covered mountains, go to nearby Tvaroznik hill or Snezne jamy corries. The Main Trail continues via Navorska meadow to Labska louka meadow. From there, you can turn left to see the sources of the river Labe (the Elbe) which are only half a kilometre away from this route. From the intersection at Labska louka, you can turn left for Labska bouda chalet or continue straight ahead for Horni Misecky village. Structures which were part of the former Czechoslovak border fortification system, partially preserved, can be seen unless they are covered in snow. On Zlate navrsi hill, you can see the stone Hanc and Vrbata Monument near Vrbatova chalet, built in remembrance of the tragic death of two friends during a 50 km cross-country contest. From there the route continues along the Main Krkonosska Trail, descending down the Masarykova road to Horni Misecky.

2) Labska bouda Chalet (1340 m a.s.l.) – ‘Plan’ Hill (1198 m a.s.l.), 23 km, or Horni Misecky (1000 m a.s.l.) – ‘Plan’ Hill (1198 m a.s.l.), 17 km

This hike can be started at Labska bouda chalet or in Horni Misecky village. From Labska bouda, you can follow the pole marking via Bucharova path to Zlate navrsi hill, where youjoin the Main Krkonosska Skiing Trail and continue along Masarykova road for Horni Misecky, from where you descend to Spindleruv Mlyn. You go through the village, cross the river Labe and begin ascending to ‘Plan’ hill, past the Hromovka and Horalka chalets to Krasna Plan and ‘Bouda na Plani’ chalet. The Main Krkonosska Trail will take you below the top of Zadni Planina hill. The ascent from Spindleruv Mlyn to Plan (with a 535 m climb) can be made easier by taking the four-seat chair lift from Svaty Petr to below the top of Predni Planina hill, from where an easy route leads to ‘Bouda na Plani’ chalet and the Main Krkonosska Trail.

3) ‘Plan’ Hill (1198 m a.s.l.) – Cerna hora Mountain (1299 m a.s.l.), 12 km

From the upper chair lift station to Plan Hill, go to the ‘Bouda na Rozcesti’ chalet, descend to Dvorska chalet and continue via the meadow patches around the Zadni Rennerovky chalets, to Sporitelna chalet, and along the side of Lisci hora hill for Tetrevi chalet. From there you will take a slight descent to Pec pod Snezkou, past Lesni bouda chalet and Hrncirska chalet, to Prazska chalet above Pec pod Snezkou, where you will see a road sign. Take the trail to the right for Cerna hora Mountain past Kolinska and other chalets. The Main Krkonosska Trail will take you along the top of Zrcadlo hill via and Cernohorske peat bogs to the top of Cerna hora Mountain.

4) Cerna hora Mountain (1299 m a.s.l.) – Pec pod Snezkou (779 m a.s.l.) – Horni Mala Upa (1108 m a.s.l.), 17 km

You start at the upper cable car station on Cerna hora Mountain above Janske Lazne. From there you go past Kolinska chalet to the intersection near Prazska bouda chalet, where you turn left for the Kladenska road via the top of Slatinna stran hill and past the Javorka guesthouse to the centre of Pec pod Snezkou. Having passed the bus station, cross the river Upa and ascend past the Modranka guesthouse above the little town along the Mala Upa hiking trail. Go past the Portasovy chalets and Penkavci hill to Spaleny mlyn, around which you will pass by many chalets. Ascend to Horni Mala Upa from there.

5) Cerna hora Mountain (1299 m a.s.l.) – Horni Alberice (750 m a.s.l.) – Horni Mala Upa (1108 m a.s.l.), 25 km

This hike is more demanding, with greater gradients and steep descents and ascents between Cerna hora and Rychorska chalet. Take the Main Krkonosska Trail from Cerna hora Mountain via the Velke Pardubicke and Krausovy chalets and descend to Horni Marsov. Cross the main road to Pec pod Snezkou in the village and begin to ascend to the ridges for Rychorska chalet. You will continue via the Rychorsky kriz junction, Mravenci hill and Cepel hill along the state border to Horni Alberice. As this is a continuous ascent, even though mild, you might want to take a break at Lysecinska chalet, from where it is only a short wayto the destination. Continue to Cestnik junction where you turn right still on the Main Krkonosska Trail and reach Horni Mala Upa, your destination.

You can walk with snowshoes almost everywhere on your winter hikes. Please respect the recommendations of the Krkonose Mountains Rescue Service. Be careful, considerate and tolerant to people, the surrounding nature and groomed cross-country tracks.