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Regional products

etiketa piva krakonos

1) Krakonos Beer

Producer: Krakonos brewery

The Krakonos brewery in Trutnov now produces 5 types of beer with a total volume of over 100 thousand hectolitres per year. Its special Krakonos 14 light beer is sold at Christmas and Easter time. The beer is distributed not only in the Eastern Bohemian region, but also in Moravia and elsewhere. The brewery uses traditional technology without pasteurisation and with microbial filtration. The water is drawn from the brewery’s own well, 80 m deep.

2) Krkonose-style Mead

Producer: APICOR

Krkonose Mead is an 18% alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting honey. The basic raw materials are Czech honey, water and herb tinctures. The mead is bottled and labelled with a picture of Krakonos, the master of the mountains. Gift bottles are decorated with beeswax.

3) Krkonose Medved Beer

Producer: Vrchlabí brewery, Zeman Pavel

This mini-brewery in the ‘Pivovarska basta’ hotel produces three types of ‘Krkonossky Medved’ beer. A light beer which is also available as a non-filtered type, a dark lager with a sweet, thick, bitter taste, and a cherry-flavoured beer.

4) Harrachov Brewery – Frantisek, Hutska and Certak Beers

Producer: Novosad brewery

Harrachov’s yeast beer excels thanks to its unique taste and high quality. It is produced using traditional natural raw materials, especially malt and hops. Its extraordinary health effects are achieved thanks to the use of a more than 100-year-old mountain well as the source of water. The brewery offers two light lagers (Frantisek 12) and a black beer, Certak 12%.

Hendrych Beer

5) Hendrych Beer

Producer: Hendrych brewery

Bottom-fermented, non-filtered and non-pasteurised Hendrych beer is produced using solely high-quality Czech raw materials and the traditional method of two-stage fermentation. H8 beer will surprise you with its strong and full taste, H12 is a genuine bitter lager and H13 is a special semi-dark type for real connoisseurs.

Paroháč (The Stag) Beer

6) Paroháč (The Stag) Beer

Producer: Luční bouda brewery

For those who like to experiment, we are brewing various kinds of beers “The Stag”, so everyone can find something for himself. You can not only try the classical light beer, but also semi-dark and dark beer, and the local specialty, Ginger beer. There is also the opportunity to play Mr. Beer brewer and brew your own beer, such offer can certainly not be refused.

7) Fries Beer

Producer: Friesovy boudy brewery

Dairy Products

8) Dairy Products

Producer: Alois Mejsnar

The Mejsnar family farm is located in a quiet environment in the foothills of the Krkonose Mountains, in Kuncice nad Labem. They re-established their family's farming tradition in 1991 and just like their forefathers, they graze cattle in the submontane pastures. They do not sell milk from their cows to mass producers, but process it in their own dairy. Given the type of process, they offer genuine dairy products from a farm. They offer pasteurised milk, kefir, fresh cream cheese with four different flavours, and curd.

VOLKAFE Roasted Coffee

9) VOLKAFE Roasted Coffee

Producer: Pavel Volk

Raw green coffee beans are processed directly by the producer. They are roasted and ground and are always fresh. The various types of roasted coffee offered are stored by country of origin, and each mix can be packed in various sachets, consumed in the coffee shop as espresso, late, cappuccino, etc., or taken away in a cup.


10) Honey

Producer: Soňa Anna-Marie Fišerová

Honey is a mixture of sugars, vitamins, proteins, dextrins and small quantities of other substances. Sugars are the most voluminous component, especially grape sugar, fruit sugar and beet sugar. In the course of the year, various honey types are available, such as flower honey, mixed honey, forest honey and crystallised honey.

11) Genuine ‘Horicke trubicky’ Sweet Rolls

Pravé hořické trubičky s.r.o.
Address: Lhotova 328, 507 71 Miletín
Phone: 493 693 194

12) Dobra Voda Sauerkraut

Podchlumí Dobrá Voda
Address: 507 73 Dobrá Voda u Hořic 210
Phone: 493 654 764

13) Apples from the Orchards of Mr. Kares

Address: Hradišťská 331, 507 52 Ostroměř
Phone: 777 711 870

Tasty Pretzel

14) Tasty Pretzel

Josef Rýdl s.r.o.
Address: Vojtíškova 172, 507 81 Lázně Bělohrad
Phone: 493 792 573

Tambor Beer

15) Tambor Beer

EPOS spol. s.r.o.
Address: Seifertova 1165, 544 01 Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Phone: 499 621 176

16) Bio Apples

Ing. Bedřich Plíšek
Address: Vinice 4, 508 01 Hořice

17) Holovousy ‘Malinac’ Apples

The origins of this raspberry-flavoured variety are unknown. It has been grown in the Podchlumi area (around Holovousy) for ages. This traditional variety is harvested in the autumn and stays in excellent condition until Christmas.
‘Modlitbicky’ from Miletin

18) ‘Modlitbicky’ from Miletin

This sweet is produced from gingerbread dough which is left to mature for six weeks. Pieces approx. 7 x 5 cm in size are then cut from the dough and baked. After that, a stuffing made of roasted walnuts and hazelnuts is added and covered with a slice made of egg whites and cinnamon. The finished product is coated with sugar and decorated with half an almond, symbolising the cross on the cover of the prayer book, hence the Czech name. They weigh approx. 50 gr. and the Erben confectioner's produces around 800 pieces every day.
Cukrářství Erben
Nám K. J. Erbena 11
507 71 Miletín

19) Strawberry Gingerbread from Miletin

Cukrářství Erben
Nám K. J. Erbena 11
507 71 Miletín

20) Miletínské Beer

Sládek Ďupal Sv.
phone: 777 049 333
e-mail: ,

21) Spirits and Fruit Distillery in Cesov

Ing. Iva Labaštová
Češov 103
(areál za hospodou)
506 01 Jičín tel. 728 155 933 nebo 493 555 129