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Zones of the Krkonossky National Park


Zone I – Strict Nature Zone

Zone I includes areas with the most valuable natural phenomena, namely ridge areas, glacial corries, forests and meadows rich in species and prominent geological features. Among the locations inside Zone I are Pancavska and Labska meadows, the mountains Lysa hora, Kotel, Vysoke Kolo, Maly Sisak, Lucni hora, Lisci hora, Snezka and Studnicni hora, the Kozi hrbety ridge, Certova louka meadow, Upske raseliniste fens, Zadni planina and Upska jama.
Strict international regulations do not recommend public access to areas classified as Zone I, where the nature should be left to develop without human intervention. Visitors should appreciate the generosity that allows them access to areas which are now living museums.

Zone II – Managed Nature Zone

Zone II usually surrounds Zone I and includes areas with important natural values along the upper forest limit and forest and meadow ecosystems mostly altered by man, suitable for limited and careful forest management or agriculture.
Gathering of forest fruits and access off the marked tourist paths, or outside pole marking in winters, is prohibited in Zone I and II, as is Alpine skiing.

Zone III – Margin / Buffer Zone

Zone III allows intense use for recreation and tourism, complementary agriculture on non-forested land, especially pasturing and hay cropping, and forest management is subject to specific environmental protection measures aimed at biological diversity in the protected area.

Protection Zone

The protection zone is not part of the KRNAP National Park and serves as a belt to protect the Park from harmful effects. The key recreational and sports resorts are located in the protection zone.